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Debby and her team were well-organized and efficient ...

I was referred to Debby Fox and Moving Forward by a friend who lives and works with seniors in the Waterloo Region.

My mother had been living in a condominium in Toronto for about 10 years, after her diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. By the time we were able to find a place where she could have her cats, the state of her living conditions had deteriorated considerably and we had to deal with getting her moved quickly and preparing her condominium for sale.

As my mother was resistant to moving, the day of her relocation was stressful for everyone involved but Debby and her team were well-organized and efficient, bringing all necessary materials with them. They were able to pack her essential belongings, get them moved and settled in the small, nursing home apartment in the space of one afternoon. Over the next few weeks, Debby visited my mother, bringing personal items from my mother's home to make her new space feel familiar and comfortable.

During this time, Debby and her team emptied the condominium, sorted family memorabilia and paperwork, arranged for donations to charitable organizations and disposed of what was no longer useful. By the time the apartment listed for sale, it had been thoroughly cleaned and repainted. It sold quickly and easily, allowing us to keep our focus on my mother's care.

Debby Fox and her team at Moving Forward were kind and caring to my family during this difficult and stressful time.

Tom Bernard
Toronto, Ontario

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